When Ichigo first arrives at St. Marie Academy, she encounters a beautiful statue of a fairy, with a plaque stating that this is the Queen of the Sweets Spirits. In the manga, she goes on to read the legend. While in the anime, her new roommate, Rumi Kato, tells her the legend. The basic idea is the same in both cases, the legend states that in the Academy there are beings known as Sweets Spirits and that those who see them will have their wishes come true. Ichigo really likes the idea and really wants to meet one to make her dream of becoming a Patissiere a reality, but it's not until after her problems start that she gets her own. All of the Sweets Spirits (except the Queen, whose name is revealed in the manga to be Marie) and Ichigo. Only people who have Sweets Spirits can see them. Sweet Spirits can't help out in school tests.

After taking an entrance exam, they are given permission to go to the human world and partner with a human in St. Marie Academy. They help their partner make sweets, and send Sweets Cards of the finished products to the queen of the Sweets Kingdom. The dream of every sweet spirit that has partnered with a human is to become Court Patissieres in the Sweets kingdom.

Known Sweet Spirits