Ringo Koizumi / 小泉りんご
Personal Information
Name Ringo Koizumi / 小泉りんご
Age 4-5(?)
Gender Female
Family Kana Koizumi (Elder Sister)
Professional Status
Voice Actor Yui Ogura
Anime Episode 06: Birthday Party at Piyo Piyo Kindergarten

Ringo Koizumi (小泉りんご Koizumi Ringo) is Kanako Koizumi's little sister. She appears in episodes 6-7 of Season One.


Ringo is very quiet and shy, but she is also painfully polite. It can be inferred that she's not very good in new situations, but she is still a very sweet child that wishes to make friends with everyone.


Ringo and her family are from Aomori, an area in northern Honshu. It would get quite cold there, and Ringo has fond memories of playing in the snow with other friends at her previous kindergarten. About a month prior to canon, her family moved to the area to be near Kanako while she was in school. However, with Ringo being so shy, she had a hard time reaching out to others and ended up being bullied; they called her ringo-hoppe (apple cheeks) because her cheeks were red like apples (ringo). She told Ichigo that she wanted a cake with apples and lots of fresh cream for her birthday, because at her previous kindergarten, her teacher would make them an apple cake, which she described as really delicious. In episode 7, when she gets her cake, she started making friend and the classmates gave her their marzipan dolls that were on the cake.