Johnny McBeal
Personal Information
Name Johnny McBeal
Age 16
Gender Male
Family Miya Koshiro (Cousin)
Professional Status
Sweets Spirit Maize
Team Team Ichigo
Occupation Patissier
Voice Actor Akio Suyama
Anime Professional 01

Johnny McBeal is a transfer student from America, and one of two new characters introduced the the anime's second season. He is a member of A Group with Ichigo Amano, Rumi Kato and Lemon Yamagishi.


Johnny is a platinum-blonde, blue-eyed boy who is very tall compared to most other characters in the series, and built on the lanky side. His typical clothing includes skinny jeans, suspenders, boots, and a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up over the shoulders.

His facial features resembles that of Denmark from Hetalia series.


Group or no, he's a loose cannon and prefers to work independently. Johnny is a transfer student from America and Miya Koshiro's cousin; his dream is to create a sweet that originates from America, since there are few that are not simply brought over form Europe.

In general, Johnny is very excitable. His usual greeting to any female is to swoop her into his arms and spin around with her. He's also prone to exclaiming in English, a habit Maize is not immune to. Reckless, selfish and independent, his ability to work as a team is non-existent; still, whenever the others need him he generally comes through.



He is part of Henri Lucas' project— Marie's Garden— working with Lemon, Ichigo, and Kashino. Johnny likes to skip class, so he first met Ichigo and Makoto at the blank shop front in Marie's Garden. He flippantly assumes that they can do whatever they want with the shop, since it won't be hard to borrow money from his cousin, Miya. It isn't long before he develops a crush on Ichigo, and becomes jealous of Kashino, commenting that he wished she "could talk about him with sparkling eyes, in the same way she does when talking of Kashino". Johnny is also aware of how Miya has changed while being in love with Kashino, much more spirited and energetic than she was as a child.