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Ichigo's parents are a well-matched couple, with a driven, proper mother and a laid-back, goofy father. Her mother is a piano teacher, and father is a painter.

Kyouko Amano

Kyouko Amano has always felt bad about focusing on the talented Natsume so much, so she is very eager for Ichigo to get her chance to pursue her dream. Despite her embarrassment at being seen in public with her big-eater daughter, she loves her very much and is the first to encourage her and give her a push when she's feeling down. She's super ecstatic when the Sweets Princes come to visit and make sweets for a depressed Natsume; ironically, the she thinks only Kashino would be a bad match for Ichigo, compared to Andou and Hanabusa.

Shigeru Amano

Shigeru Amano is an oya-baka (doting parent), and loves Ichigo a little too much; he often refuses to let her go places or do things, because he both wants to keep her by his side, but also to prevent her from hurting herself. His mother was Michiko Amano, the grandmother that inspired Ichigo's adoration of sweets. His elder brother, Hikaru Amano, is the one who took over her patisserie Fraise de Bois when Michiko passed away two years prior to the series. Shigeru likes to golf and buys clubs often despite how much he sucks at it.