Francois Adjani
Personal Information
Name Francois Adjani
Gender Female
Professional Status
Team Team Francois
Anime Episode 40: Bonjour! Paris

Francois Adjani is the leader of Team François, an all girls team hailing from France. Described as being very skillful and 'an expert in technique' by Henri-sensei, Francois studies at the Parisian campus of St. Marie Academy.


Blonde and buxom, Francois is a sexy beauty that knows she's attractive. Her hair is natural blonde, wavy and waist-length, with aquamarine green eyes and a very angular face. Her clothes tend to be very form-fitting, favoring mini pencil-skirts and shirts that show off her feminine assets.


Francois in her Cooking Garb


She follows the rules and conventions of the bakery, playing it safe with things she knows, or things she knows, will work. She readily agreed to help Henri deceive Mari, showing a devious side coupled with a flirtatious pride. She is also shown to be a bit of a sore loser, as she loses her temper when Ichigo is declared the winner in the third round of the Finals.


Francois is one of Henri Lucas's apprentices, and originally a favorite to win the Cake Grand Prix. She eagerly helped Henri put on a show for Mari, likely for the benefits to her own team as Mari's shaken composure lead directly to her loss against Team Francois in the semi-finals. In the finals, she competed against Team Ichigo in the last two episodes of Season One. Francois chose to rely on her perfected creation Dijonaise Au Chocolat in the final round, and lost by one point to Ichigo's Sourier d'Ange. Henri-sensei awarded the extra point to Ichigo exactly because she ventured to make something new, rather than rely on a recipe that was already tested and tried.

She makes a minor appearance at Yumeiro Patissiere Professional (Season 2).